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Scholarships     Updated 6/7/2015

A major function of AA-I is to provide scholarships for the Fall and Spring semesters to undergraduate students at all the University System of Maryland Institutions. Each year the Executive committee will vote to determine the amount of award money that will be allocated to each campus. AA-I acts solely as the administrator of funds. Each campus' Financial Aid Office is responsible for selecting the recipient(s) based on the Criteria and Guidelines set forth by the Executive committee of AA-I.

Student should send their applications to the Financial Aid Office of the campus they are applying to or currently attending. The application should include the following:
  • AA-I Scholarship Application (link to PDF found below)
  • Written Summary
  • Transcript
  • Minimum of 2 recommendation letters

PDF PACKET (coming soon)

Campuses must submit their selections by May 1 of each calendar year. (NOTE to STUDENTS: each campus will have their own deadline for submission. Please contact them directly for this information). Funds will be distributed in mid August directly to the each campus for the fall semester. Spring funds will begin getting disbursed in mid January. However they are dependent upon each Financial Aid Office's timeliness in providing updated GPA and enrollment status of recipient(s).

Campuses and students will be notified once verification of all information has been made by AA-I administrator. All should expect to hear from AA-i by mid June.

Question about each campuses' process of selection should be directed to the Financial Aid Office of that campus.

Questions about AA-I should be directed to audra.whitelock@gmail.com.

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